300Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

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The community of yoga practitioners has evolved. Students and studios are demanding more from their yoga teachers. If you have completed a 200hr Yoga TT and want to immerse yourself into a richly authentic, full bodied experience of yoga, this training is for you! Our 300 Hour yoga certified course is designed to provide you with the skills necessary to meet todays high demand in the yoga community. We will provide you with the tools to instruct intelligent, inspiring classes. Your elevated personal development and growth cultivated during the program will generate a positive, and momentous change.  This specific program is comprehensive, masterfully created, and delivered by two of the most seasoned and well educated instructors of yoga in the Dallas area: Nicolle Callahan and Susie Caicedo. With more than 20 plus yrs of combined yoga instruction experience; Nicolle and Susie will guide you through this magical journey! Your facilitators are eager to help you better understand yourself, the practice, and the skill of teaching so that you can authentically teach from your heart and not from script. You have mentors beside you every step of the way, right here in Dallas!

You have two years to complete all 6 modules, and you don’t have to take this modules in order.  

If you are interested please fill the enrollment form and contact Susie at susiecaicedo@hotmail.com and/or nicolle.callahan.l@gmail.com   We can’t wait to see you!



6 Core Modules:  Cost per Module  $975

2018 Dates:

Module 1) February 22-25

Module 2) April 19-22

Module 3) May 17-20

Module 4) September 20-23

Module 5) October 18-21

Module 6) November 15-18


Module 1:  Architecture and Intelligent Sequencing 

Thur 1-4, Fri 1-4, Sat 12-6, Sun 6-12

This intensive focuses on learning a creative and a progressive approach to intelligent sequencing, that make sense in the body. Setting up the flow to find grace and beauty and your own personal expression of the asana.

Our Curriculum Includes:

  • Flow Sequencing: Design and Architecture
  • Playful Mini-Sequences to move through heaviness
  • The momentum of music in your classes
  • Vinyasa Krama:  Transitions and Advanced Asanas


Module 2:  Hands on Adjustments & the Art of Looking at Bodies

Thur 1-4, Fri 1-4, Sat 12-6, Sun 6-12

One of the most profound and accessible ways to develop confidence and skill as a teacher, is through the study and practice of hands-on assists.  Learn this integrated approach based on anatomy, precise alignment, and reading bodies.  We will begin with a fun vinyasa flow class that you will take turns assisting, followed by time to break down the adjustments.  Discussing how to read different bodies, and choosing practical assists, will leave you feeling more confident and ready to be a hands-on teacher. Connecting deeply with your students and nurturing a practical understanding of asana, with alignment for both the student and you.

Our Curriculum Includes:

  • Principles of Assisting
  • Anatomy of Hips and Core
  • Assists for every asana
  • Modifying and Creating your own assists


Module 3:  Yoga Philosophy and Application to Teaching 

Thur 1-4, Fri 1-4, Sat 12-6, Sun 6-12

The power of being an authentic teacher, a teacher that practices and lives yoga comes from an understanding of the philosophy of this great science of yoga.  In this intensive we will re-visit the Classical Period in yoga with Patanjalis’ eight limbs, and the Tantric Period where Hatha yoga was born. Chakras, the different subtle bodies, nadis, kryas and kundalini will be explored. Moreover, we will discuss relevant ways to applying these philosophies in a vinyasa flow class.

Our Curriculum Includes:

  • Interactive and in-depth lectures
  • Different sequences for different Chakras
  • Sacred Journaling and affirmation exercises to help un-block physical and mental imbalances
  • How to live an authentic life following the Yamas and Nyamas
  • Kundalini pranayamas and Kryas


Module 4:  Refining Teaching Methods and Styles 

Thur 1-4, Fri 1-4, Sat 12-6, Sun 6-12

This Teacher Intensive will help you apply what you already know, as both a teacher and student, to truly find your authentic style in order to lead highly intelligent and creative workshops, classes and even retreats. Providing an intelligent platform will set the foundation you are looking for, to develop your authentic teaching style and voice.  This includes identifying your strengths as a practitioner and even helping you with useless vocal habits (clutch words), and ineffective communication you have picked up over years -or decades! You will leave inspired and excited by an entirely new set of questions, aspirations and inspirations for your teaching path. The path of a good teacher is always the path of a curious student.

Our Curriculum Includes:

  • Goal setting
  • Professional specialties
  • Refining talent
  • Developing strength in weaknesses


Module 5:  Lunar Practices: Learn to teach Restorative, Yin and Private lesson 

Thur 1-4, Fri 1-4, Sat 12-6, Sun 6-12

Lunar Practices are quieting, supportive and therapeutic.  Rasa is a Sanskrit word that is defined as juice, flavor, or the essence of one’s heart in its pure state.  Lunar Practices such as Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga awakens the deepest layer which is the body of bliss.

This intensive will equip yoga teachers of all traditions with a comprehensive understanding of a restorative and yin practice, as well as, give teachers the tools and knowledge to teach a primary series to a group or private classes.

Our Curriculum Includes:

  • Philosophy and Applications of Restorative and Yin Yoga Asana
  • Restorative and Yin Sequences
  • Fundamentals of props
  • Anatomy of shoulders
  • Central Nervous system and subtle body
  • Private lesson (rates and expectations)


Module 6:  Finding your Authentic Voice, Building your classes, and Self Care 

Thur 1-4, Fri 1-4, Sat 12-6, Sun 6-12

Establishing your authentic voice can sound cliché, however, this is the essence of WHY you teach Yoga! Whether you like people or enjoy sharing your expression of the practice, this module will help you hone your passion. Your facilitators commit to attending your classes, providing written feedback, and personal insight on how to grow your classes. Look forward to discussing how to continually take care of yourself in your life to build a sustainable career, and live in abundance.

Our Curriculum Includes:

  • Sharing your vision of Yoga
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of building a class
  • The importance of Mentoring
  • Setting boundaries in the industry
  • Different therapies to take care of your body and min


Requirements:  Online and Practical (per module)

  • 12 hours– Following/observing/practicing with your facilitators
  • 7 hours– Assisting public classes taught by facilitators
  • 5 hours -Mentoring newer teacher (recent YTT graduate)
  • 2 hours– Non profit teaching
  • 2 hours– Journaling brief share